General sale conditions (GSC)


  • 1. General Provisions
  • 1.1     General Sale Conditions (GSC) define conclusion of the sale of goods agreement principles offered by SELFA GE company, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller".
    1.2     Conclusion of the sale agreement is upon written or verbal order placed with the Seller by any entity hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer".
    1.3     GSC are announced to the Buyer. Responsibility for reviewing GSC is on the Buyer 's side. If the Buyer keeps the permanent trade relations, then acceptance of GSC at first order by him shall be deemed its accepted for subsequent orders and sale agreements, until revising their content or revoking them.
    1.4     The following conditions shall be deemed accepted as of the date of an offer acceptance or receipt of order acceptance confirmation or as of the date of the agreement conclusion.

  • 2. Prices, quantity and quality.
  • 2.1     The announced prices are EXW net prices (loaded at SELFA GE in Szczecin), according to Incoterms 2010. VAT tax should be added to the net. Price , at rate prevailing on date of the invoice issue.
    The prices specified in offers are binding within 3 months from the date of offer sending, unless the offer defines a different period.
    2.2     Order execution in accordance with the data contained therein, meets the proper agreements implementation.
    2.3     For technological reasons, we reserve the right to supply a revised amount according to the following principles:
    for orders:
    - over 60 items - deliveries with the quantitative difference possibility of ± 10%,
    - from 30 to 60 items - deliveries with the difference possibility of ± 3 items,
    - below 30 items - deliveries with possibility of ± 2 items.

  • 3. Payment.
  • 3.1     If the Buyer fails to receive the goods within established time, the Seller has the right to charge the Buyer with the costs associated with the storage of goods.
    3.2     If the Buyer does not receive the goods within 30 days from the established date due to reasons not attributable to the Seller, the Seller shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement.

  • 4. Changes in order.
  • 4.1     Changes in order can be made only with the consent of the Seller.
    4.2     In case of withdrawal by the Buyer from order realization due to reasons on his side, the Buyer is obliged to pay to the Seller stipulated penalty of 30% of the net value of order. The Seller reserves the right to claim from the Buyer for payment of compensation exceeding the reserved stipulated penalty amount. These costs are determined by the Seller.
    4.3     Changes in the order or resignation from the order must be in writing under pain of nullity.

  • 5. Order and delivery terms.
  • 5.1     The Seller is not responsible for changing the delivery deadline, resulting from causes beyond the control of the Seller.
    5.2     In case of inability to fulfill the order, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer thereof.
    5.3     Running of time of delivery starts upon confirmation of the order or after making arrangements regarding any of documents and possible inquires, or after receipt of prepayment, if so agreed by the parties.
    5.4     Delivery time shall be extended by a period during which the Purchaser is in default of his obligations to the Seller.

  • 6. Goods reception and deliveries.
  • 6.1     The ordered goods are sent at the Buyer's expense. Unless otherwise agreed, shipment is carried out by the carrier, customarily used by the Seller.
    6.2     The Buyer is obliged to inspect the quality and quantity of delivered products and range of conformity of delivered assortment immediately after its release and to make the appropriate annotations on the delivery document or other proof of release of product in the presence of the carrier.
    6.3     Making the goods receipt by the Buyer, without objections as in point. 6.2, shall mean the proper goods delivery in accordance with the order and confirmation.

  • 7. Warranty and complaints.
  • 7.1     The Seller grants 12 -month warranty on his goods, calculated from the date of sale.
    7.2     The amount of warranty claims cannot exceed fivefold value of the net product price.
    7.3     The costs of delivery of the claimed faulty goods by the Buyer to the Seller shall be borne by the Buyer.
    7.4     The Buyer is obliged to assure for supplier the necessary time and opportunity to cure the defects according to his equitable discretion. If he shall refuse this, the supplier shall be released from liability for defects.
    7.5     Liability for defects does not apply to normal wear and tear, and further damages resulting from the risk transfer caused by incorrect or careless handling, abuse, improper maintenance agents and such chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences, which are not provided under the agreement.
    7.6     Complaints are considered within 14 days, that is goods considered to be defective shall be repaired or replaced with the ones free of defects within 4 weeks from the date the complaint is approved by the Seller.
    7.7     In the case of goods made according to Recipient's individual requirements, term of replacing the product with the new one can be extended to 6 weeks.
    7.8  The Seller disclaims all liability under the warranty.

  • 8. The scope of responsibility.
  • 8.1     The Seller's liability, related to the conclusion of the agreement or making sale of goods, does not include repairing of damages regarding expected benefits, lost profit, production losses, loss of market reputation, etc.

  • 9. Final Clauses.
  • 9.1     To all matters not settled herein the Polish Civil Code regulations shall apply.
    9.2     The Agreement shall be solely constructed under the Polish law.
    9.3     Any disputes that may arise between the parties shall be considered by the courts in Szczecin (Poland) of factual jurisdiction for the Seller.


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