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Flat heaters are micanite or ceramic insulated. The external casing is the stainless steel jacket. These heaters perform excellently when heating flat surfaces (hot plates, tank bases, machine and equipment housing).

NOTE! In order that the heating element is not damaged and transfers hits well, ensure good contact with the heated element, the heating element may be screwed in or an additional clamping plate can be mounted from the top, up to 3mm thick.

  • heating moulds and nozzles
  • heating tanks and plates
  • thermal forming
  • packaging and sealing equipment
  • heat furnaces
  • food warming equipment
  • vulcanizing presses
  • air, duct and space heating
  • incubators
  • frost and moisture protection

    Technical data

    Flat heaters in micanite insulation Flat heaters in ceramic insulation
    thickness 3,5 ÷ 4 mm 12 ÷ 32 mm
    supply voltage 220V, 230V, 380V, 3x 380V, 400V, 3x400V or others
    max. surface load 4 W/cm2 7 W/cm2
    max. heater temperature 450°C 550°C
    Casing material Cr-Ni steel (AISI 321) Cr-Ni steel (AISI 321)
    Connections type and method of power connection as per the presented drawings or as individually agreed


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    Electrical connections:

    1. Flat and band heaters: electrical connections

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