Hot plates

Heatflon® hot plates are designed primarily for aggressive liquid electric heating for plating, semi-conductor and lab technology and in the chemical sector. Owing to their flat structure, they save a lot of space as compared to other heaters.

Characteristics of Heatflon® Series H hot plates:

  • universal in use owing to the application of fluoric compounds, as opposed to titanium, quartz, graphite, etc.
  • resistant structure, unbreakable,
  • are totally anti-adhesive, owing to the perfectly smooth outer surface,
  • easy to clean
  • flat structure saves a lot of space
  • corresponding low wattage means safety to materials in the vicinity. It also reduces the impact of electrolytes and chemicals.
  • mountable in various positions, to the wall or at the bottom of the tank, owing to the flexible power cord,
  • safety-checked at 5,000 volts in water bath,
  • durable, owing to 2mm thick PTFE insulation, no corrosion and penetration through the sheath2 mm
  • no maintenance needed, no wear
  • problem-free, long service life, thus very economical in use

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