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Rzetelna firma

Rzetelna firmaZ przyjemnością informujemy, że SELFA GE S.A. otrzymała certyfikat programu Rzetelna Firma prowadzonego przez KRD S.A. Certyfikat ten jest potwierdzeniem naszej wiarygodności i rzetelności oraz podkreśla przejrzystość prowadzonej przez nas działalności gospodarczej i stosowanie się do zasad etycznego prowadzenia biznesu.

Zapraszamy do współpracy!


"SELFA GE" S.A. is a successor of Selfa company that was set up in 1951 and took over the technology and experience of the first polish producer of heating elements: Gródek Power-station near Toruń. The production has its origins in 1932. For a long period Selfa was a leading company among polish producers of heating elements and was well known on the foreign markets. The production reached the level of 5 million heating elements annually. The proof of the highest quality of the company's products was the production of heating elements for atomic power-stations. Today SELFA is well known in Poland producer of high quality heating elements (tubular, finned and cartridge), heating rods, high power heating sets and different types of heaters for industrial applications. We provide polish and foreign markets with approximately million heating elements annually. Up-to-date technology and the world class materials guarantee the highest quality of our products (we have quality management system acc. ISO-9001:2008). Thanks to meeting the highest quality requirements, our products received certificates of German Testing and Certification Institute - VDE.


Selfa mapaOur export development strategy allows us to maintain the satisfactory export growth dynamics to:

  • Sweden,
  • Germany,
  • Russia,
  • Belarus,
  • Lithuania
  • and many others
We are cooperating with Clients through whole Europe!

The most important values of our company are our employees. This is the team of specialists who thanks to their experience, knowledge and interpersonal skills are able to manufacture the product according to the mission of our company - to meet the specific requirements of any single client. Employees from production department are concerned about the manufacturing process of a product according to technical documentation, quality department guarantees the highest quality of a product and its conformity with the obligatory standards and agreements. Our motto is: We can solve every hot problem.





The construction department is responsible for matching of heating elements and their parameters to the real operating conditions. Our work is not only the way of making money but also the passion that allows us to undertake difficult and untypical challenges.


Selfa’s greatest value are people, specialists, who are focused on their obligations. Together We are building future of our company. We have got precise human resource policy, which is determinate on employees, growing their skills and good working environment as well. We are taking care of good working relationships between employees.


SELFA’s essential purpose, is to satisfy our Clients needs. That’s why We’ve implemented quality management system, in accordance with PN EN ISO 9001:2008. Mentioned Norm gave us a chance to reach the highest standards of construction, production and supply processes. Moreover, it is a good tool, to find a quality level in accordance with our Clients requirements.

Let the certificates, and awards such as Gazele Biznesu (an award given by 9 independent business journals); Safety Certificates “VDE” and “UL” be a confirmation of Selfa’s highest standards.



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