Structure and application


Cartridge heaters are special design, modern, highly efficient heating elements. Small dimensions combined with high heat capacity enable cartridge heaters to emit significant amounts of heat from a relatively small area.

One-sided power supply facilitates incorporation into a small working space, which also simplifies the power supply wiring. The application of top materials, stringent design and manufacture criteria, ensure high quality for most demanding applications.

Cartridge heaters enable a very good heat transfer, constant temperature and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, even at elevated temperatures.


Grzałka patronowa - budowa

1. bottom 5. mineral insulation
2. metal sheath 6. sealant
3. ceramic core 7. ceramic insulator
4. resistance wire 8. power connection

Resistance wire (4), from nickel-chromium alloy is precisely coiled around a ceramic core (3), located centrally along the heater axis. Powdered insulating material (5), having specific grainage and purity, filling the space between the metal sheath (2) and the core, is compacted in the technology process which ensures high dielectric resistance and markedly improves the abstraction of the generated heat, allowing short heating time. The metal sheath of stainless steel is welded to the bottom (1) and finely polished, which ensures a constant diameter dimension over the entire heater length, thus giving better contact with the heated area and more efficient heat transfer. Sealant (6) prevents moisture ingress into the heater from the power connection (8) end. Stainless steel pins or wire stranded are used for power connections, to which power supply cords are connected.

Typical applications

Cartridge heaters are primarily designed to heat up solids and usually work in holes drilled in metal parts. They can also be used to heat up liquids (water, oil, emulsion) and gases. The application of the appropriate steel grade renders the heaters resistant to corrosion and oxidation caused by chemical and weather factors, temperature and pressure.


Plastic industry hot channel moulds, injector moulding nozzles,; cupping, stamping and welding punches in packaging machines
Footwear industry vulcanizing presses, mould heaters, extruders
Foundry core box and chill heaters, vacuum furnaces
Medical and lab technology distilling devices, oil heaters, soldering dippers, inhalation and sterilising equipment
Timber industry stamps for burning, varnish and paint sprayers
General machine engineering
Automotive industry driers and heaters in braking systems, cylinder head and sump heaters in Diesel engines


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