Assembly methods

Self-adhesive surface - for quick and convenient installation. This assembly method is not recommended for curved surfaces or for heaters whose wattage is above 0.8 W/cm2 and the working temperature in excess of 205°C

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RTV adhesive, surfactant, vulcanizing at room temperature - for stronger bonding. Components so assembled are ready to use after 48 hours. Resistant to temperatures 205°C or 260°C

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Silicon binder set - two-ingredient pack, contains resins and hardener, which mix very well and can easily be applied with a brush. Withstands temperatures up to 175°C

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Mechanical tensioners - they are recommended when the silicon heating element is to be used in many places and moved. Other mechanical tensioners include snaps, rings and Velcro.

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SELFA PV - moduy fotowoltaiczne


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