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Heating elements that are workable into any shape. They are marked by good heat receipt, which is related to an option of ideal match with the heated area. Virtually any shape enables the placement of the heating element in any location where it is needed. Glass fibre-reinforced silicon sheath ensures durability and dimensional stability, and the minimum insulation layer between the resistance wire and the heated part ensures quick and effective heat transfer.

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  • frost protection
  • catering equipment
  • medical devices
  • vulcanizing presses
  • heating of the surface of machines and equipment, barrels, boilers, tanks, pipes, valves, pumps, etc.

Technical data

Maximum dimensions 915mm x 3050mm
Thickness 1,4mm
Weight 0,24g/cm²
Maximum working temp. 260°C
Minimum ambient temp. - 62°C
Maximum voltage 600V
Power tolerance/td> ±5%
Dimension tolerance 0-150mm ± 1,6 mm
150-455mm ± 3,2 mm
455-915mm ± 4,8 mm
>915mm ± 1%
Surface load recommended: 0,8W/cm2
maximum: 1,2W/cm2; 4,5W/cm2(required temp. control)


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