Electrical connection

Pin or wire

Power connection can be by a rigid pin or flexible wire stranded, covered in insulating jacked.
Stranded wires are used where high connection flexibility is required, or when the connection needs to be bent while adhering to the heater. The maximum stranded wire length is 300 mm. Stranded wires are fitted only to special orders.

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Code Type of connection
T terminal pin
L cord


Terminal pin + cord

Cartridge heaters are fitted with power supply cords connected with the pin using the clamping bushes. The connection spot is covered with insulating jacket.

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Code Type of connection
TP terminal pin + cord


Terminal pin + wire

Used for flexible power connections, not longer than 300 mm
Power cord is clamped with the clamping bush to the flexible power connection (stranded wire). The parameters are the same as for the cord clamped to the pin.

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Code Type of connection
LP terminal pin + wire


Types of conductors

Depending on the heater diameter, the following are used:

  • copper wire 0,75 mm2; 1,0mm2; 1,5 mm2; 2,5 mm2 in MZLB teflon coating or LGS silicon coating. Thermal strength 180 °C.
  • nickel wire 0,75 mm2; 1,0mm2; 1,5 mm2; 2,5 mm2 in cotton coating with glass fibre. Thermal strength: 350ºC

The length of the cord Lp is determined based on customer requirements.

The length of the bush connecting Lt from 8 to 12 mm, depending on the diameter.

W grzałkach GPT wyprowadzenie termopary wykonywane jest z tych samych materiałów co sam termoelement (odpowiednio żelazo, konstantan).


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