Operating tips

  • Only the best possible heat abstraction ensures long service life of cartridge heaters.
  • Heaters with the surface load of up to 20 W/cm2 should be placed in holes to the precision class H7.
  • At extreme loads (above 20 W/cm2), individual fitting of heaters with the holes is recommended, so that the maximum clearance for each heater-hole combination is the least.
  • The necessary quality of the hole surface and the drilling precision meeting the assumed diameter tolerance is obtained by using the expansion drill for the finishing work.
  • It is recommended to design the tool (piece of equipment) in which the heater works as a split one, with the partition line along the axis of the hole. If both parts are clamped, the surface of the hole more tightly fits together with the shield of the heating element.
  • The assembly and disassembly of the heater is easier when the hole is a clearance, two-step hole.
  • If several heaters are designed for the piece of equipment, located one next to another, the minimum clearance between the neighboring heaters should not be less than the diameter of the bigger of the two.
  • After a long heater downtime, it is recommended that it gradually reaches its full rated power, so-called soft start, by alternating 1/3 and 2/3 rated voltage, with a dozen or so minute intervals.
  • The heater in the insulator and power connection section should be protected against mechanical damage and contact with liquids and their vaporous as breakdowns and leakage current may occur.
  • Long storage of cartridge heaters is recommended only in hermetic packaging, or in rooms where there is no moisture.
  • In the case that damping in the room is suspected, the heaters should be dried at approx. 100 - 150°C for at least 8 hours.
  • Assembly pastes should be used for the assembly. The paste in gel is applied on the heater and to the hole before the assembly. We offer copper and other metal-based paste, with anti-seize and anti galling effect in aggressive chemical environments and at high temps, which facilitates removal from the holes.


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