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High emission surface heating elements that enable a significant increase in the heat stream and heating element power consumption efficiency.


  • heating elements for food production and processing lines
  • painting and varnish chambers
  • heating tunnels in packaging machines
  • A/C equipment
  • air heaters, blowers, driers
  • bakery equipment
Radiator as band wrapped around the heater axis
Radiator material stainless steel aluminum
Heating element diameter Ø8.5 Ø10.0 Ø13.0 Ø8.5
Heating element outer diameter Ø25 Ø26 Ø29 Ø28.5
Maximum length of heating element L = 3400 mm L = 3400 mm
Tube material stainless steel
Maximum working temperature 400°C
Shape of heating element straight or bend as agreed straight

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stainless steel radiator

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aluminum radiator

Finned radiator
Heating element diameter Ø 8.5; Ø 10,0
Maximum length of heating element L = 1550 mm
Tube material Cr-Ni steel
Radiator material Cr-Ni steel
Radiator fin dimensions 70 x 35 mm
50 x 25 mm

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finned radiator

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